Saturday, May 14, 2011

Church Camping 2011

Our annual church camp-out was fantastic! It was so fun to be with my family, and friends...and be outside.
There was lots of hiking, talking, mud, trail riding, laughing, and all around fun. 

LtoR: Yours truly, Alaina, Susannah, and Mary

Some of my favorite people! You all were so fun.

Devotion time...tired, and sunburned!
My amazing scavenger hunt group.
Hannah made a great team leader, and passing out tracts was a really cool experience!
The highlight of trail 3...climbing the waterfall.

Driving...rather, riding.
It was fun to have the {F} girl's company, since my siblings couldn't make it down the first day.

That's it. Maybe a part two soon :)
Phil 4:8,


  1. I really liked the first picture of the waterfall! It looks very neat.


  2. You beat us at posting about it! :) I like the pictures. The whole weekend was so much fun!! :)

  3. That was really fun camping!
    I had so much fun:)