Sunday, June 5, 2011

What do you think?

Don't you love their faces?!
Sorry, no baby yet...we're all still waiting.
Will it be a boy, or a girl? Do you want to know? 
okay then, stay tuned to find out, and while your waiting, why don't you comment and let me know what you think it is, and what you think it's name should be :)


  1. I love the pictures, They are SO adorable =)


  2. what do i think? i think i CAN NOT WAIT FOR MOM TO HAVE THE BABY...and aren't their faces cute..yes they are adorable i miss when they were both little =)...i know if its a boy or a girl so i might not want to say...and i want if its a boy i want it to be dylan james (i know we already have a james) and a girl Samantha grace. ok well i will stay tuned =P...ok i think i answered all your questions for yo =P
    love ya honey!!

  3. AWWWW! I LOVE baby's!!!! yes I can't wait until mom has her baby ether! well I won't guess because I already know ♥ =).
    your favorite 4th born in the whole wide world,

  4. That wouldn't be fair cuz I had a hint, can't wait for to see if it is correct though . . . still waiting . . . still?♥