Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday Emily!

14 years ago, Emily Ann was born...making my life a little brighter! Now I had a little sister, how cool! :) Emily is very fun to be with, and is always trying to make someone laugh. She is very good at driving you nuts when your trying to concentrate, and laughing at my and her blond moments. Emily is extremely diligent in her schoolwork, as well as in her chores. She'll pass up biking, if she hasn't gotten her school done for the day...ah not me! :)  
I am so glad God gave us you, Emily! and I'm *so* glad your my younger sister! I love you Otter Totter.
Phil 4:8,


  1. Happy Birthday Emily! Enjoy being 14! It's a great age. *grin*

    Kate, it sounds as if she's a great sister to have. :-)If any of your sisters are interested, and if it's alright with your parents, do you think I could be penpals with some of you gals? I've been writing to a few of the SevenSisters for a while now. I love penpals. :-D If not, I understand.

  2. Happy Birthday Emily!

    I love the pictures :)


  3. Happy Birthday Emily!
    I hope you had a great birthday!


  4. I love the pictures, Kate! They capture Emily's personality perfectly :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!



  5. Say, Is Jessica behaving for you over there?

    See ya in a couple of days!

    ~Cassia :)