Monday, April 11, 2011

Multitude Monday: week 2

*Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people*
I Chron. 6:8

0011 Spring, I'm so glad it's here!
0012 pen-pals, who write me 10 page letters
0013 A new family to babysit
0014 thunder storms at night, and rain on the window
0015 clean laundry
0016 cameras, and photography. I'm so glad we can capture those moments, that are gone forever, except in the photograph.
0017 camping, our tent, hiking, flip-flops, and everything else that goes with camping.
0018 Hannah, my older sister who turned 18 Friday.
0019 the new baby, still growing in mom. I can't wait to welcome him/her into the world!
0020 dogs energetic tail wagging.

Phil 4:8

*I was inspired by Ann Voskamp to do these weekly posts


  1. Wow, 10 page letters? Can I have that pen-pal's address? haha. jk

    I didn't know you had another sibling on the way! Congratulations! I must admit that I envy you. :-D

  2. I am SO glad we can capture those moments too!

    I also can't wait for camping this year!


  3. I'm so glad spring is here too! :) Can't wait for camping too!

  4. Kate, I think the kind of camera is a nikon. I really like it:) Yes! I would love to get a camera like it!

    Thanks for your comment.