Sunday, September 18, 2011

contrary to popular belief...

I am still alive and kicking, and a lengthy post is coming on my adventures to here and there...and that's a promise. but for now, here is a picture I couldn't resist posting.

James H. on his first day of school.
simply adorable

Phil 4:8,


  1. Cute beyond words!
    favorite books

    *Joyfully at Home-Jasmine Baucham
    I love this book and own it and so does my sister. She got hers this year as a graduation present and I got mine as a birthday gift.

    *Large Family Logistics-Kim Brenneman we have and I ahve read parts since we are a family of 11!

  2. Aunt Jody, he is a friend from church :)

  3. Oh my! Simply adorable is right!