Saturday, October 8, 2011

Alabama .part one.

August 25th, my family and I started out in our white 15 passenger van on a 2 week vacation.
Alabama, here we come! :)

We arrived at our "uncle" Denny and "Aunt" Betty's house around 6:00.
After staying at their lovely home for two days, we left for thier camper on the lake.
A beautiful drive up into the mountains, and we were here.
Our home for a week.

the lake, and our best friend during our stay :)

a perfect place to build dirt castles

the swimming buddies

The handsome little dude, James

Miss Valerie Hope

Artwork on the deck

sisters :)

the bright Alabama sun

How did I get such handsome brothers? :)

I love the lighting during sunset!

Kelsey and Jimsy

My dear Mother

Mary doing dishes

Alaina and I :).

Keep your eyes out for part two
until then...

phil 4:8


  1. It looks like a wonderful place for a vacation! I enjoyed seeing all the photos! Your siblings are all getting so big!

  2. nice pics kate! looks like you had fun =)

  3. Oh my word! You were in Alabama? I live in Alabama!!! haha(: what part did you go to?

    In Christ,

  4. Hi Kate! I havent heard from you guys in ages. What happened? Was your letter sent? I'm so glad I found you!

  5. It looks fun! I LOVE the picture of the sun set! Very pretty :)