Saturday, March 3, 2012

of Florida and travels

As promised, a long post of our trip to Florida.
About a month ago, we received a wedding invitation for the wedding of Priscilla Keller (Anna Duggar's sister) and David Waller.
At first we didn't think much about it, but then Kelsey starting talking about the possibility of us going down there...and where we'd stay. I thought it was just talk, but was wrong. Mom and Dad actually thought it'd work, and work it did!
We went to Florida.
The state I'd always wanted to visit, but never had.
I saw Florida people! :)
I went to a wedding...
(I love weddings)
I went to the ocean...
(I love the ocean)
I went to Sherwood Baptist Church,
and there met two of my favorite actors...
Ken Bevel and Alex Kendrik
(a dream come true)
It was a wonderful trip!

The best way to start a trip is with

Leaving town...
Emily and Alaina
(to see their blog go here).
gorgeous Faith :)
Driving through Louisville KY
(notice the welcome to Kentucky sign)
Alabama sunset
Celebrating Alaina's 11th birthday with Betty, Denny, and cousins in AL.
this isn't a very good picture, but Faith's face was so cute I had to post it :).

watching 'Love begins'
annnd back on the road.
driving through Atlanta
That night (friday) we stayed right on the GA/FL border-relatively.
The next day was the wedding, but we had some time to kill so we went to:
 ...the beach!
It was so exciting to be on the ocean again.
and it was it was 75 degrees, which made the whole trip worthwhile :)
Mom and Faith

Faith loved the sand, but wasn't all that crazy about the waves. It was cute watching her try to figure out what sand was :).
We left Fernandina beach, sandy and wet...
got lunch at Chick-fil-a...
got starbucks...
We started Faith at a young age, can you tell?!
and then drove to Hillard for the wedding...
 It was one of the most God-honoring weddings I've ever been to.
David and Priscilla are such a neat couple!
For those of you who are interested, you can watch the entire wedding here <--

Mom and Mrs. Duggar.

More professional wedding pictures to come...
 Well, that's all for this post
I will update part 2 soon, hopefully.
 Phil 4:8
Kate Lynn


  1. Wow, what a trip! I didn't know that you knew the Kellers! Alison watched the wedding live, but I was gone that day so I missed it... Looks like you had a fantastic trip! The beach sounds wonderful. :-D

  2. I am glad that you enjoyed your trip to my home state of Florida... such sweet pictures of family and Creation. The beach is indeed a beautiful place to marvel at the wonderful works of the Lord!


  3. Aww! That is so sweet! I watch the Duggars on 19 Kids and Counting, and I've seen Priscilla on there. She has always seemed SO sweet, and I'm SOOO happy for her!

    In Christ,

  4. So glad you all were able to go and have such a wonderful time. I was at your house when you all found out they were engaged, who knew then what a memory this all would end up to be.

    Luvs to all!