Thursday, April 12, 2012

So, finally a post!

I haven't posted in awhile..but for a good reason :)...
Last week I did something I though I'd never be able to do,
 I got a puppy!
an adorable, fluffy, bouncing, spunky puppy.

How it happened:
About a month ago Mom came home with two burmese mountain/english shepherd puppies and told us we could keep one. We all voted for the female and even named her. Meadow. It seemed to fit her. She was the perfect puppy...or so we all thought. Dad disagreed with us, for logical reasons :).

Notice the size and hair of this dog!
But Meadow was so cute! How couldn't we get her?
Well, after much sorrow and many tears we told our good friends about little (er, little?) Meadow, and they gladly bought her. Good news, we can still see her whenever we like!

It doesn't end there.
Dad and Mom said we could still get a puppy. Just a smaller/less shedding puppy. After spending countless hours hunting the internet for just the right breed and breeder, we made the big decision.
We we're getting a black and white female Springer spaniel.
I couldn't wait.
2 weeks seemed to take forever! But in those two long weeks we talked and argued over names. Siblings suggested StateFarm, Gucchi, and Lily. Dad suggested Tilly, Willow, and Petit.
Mom liked Bella, Bristol, and Dutchess.
What did we name her?
Maggie Mae.
Once we brought her home it seemed to fit perfectly.
And now to see this little fluff ball...(:


 In love with her yet? :)

Needless to say we are all throughly enjoying her. She is getting pretty good at sleeping through the night and is learning her commands quickly. As for her chewing on everything...that's another story! :)

I had better go, Mag needs fed.
Just one more thing.

Happy happy 15th birthday
Emily Ann!

I am so blessed to have you in my life!
May God bless you as you grow into womanhood.
Oh, and never forget that 2+2=4 :).
I love you!

Phil 4:8,
Kate Lynn


  1. Aww! Your puppy is adorable. All of our puppies and yours could be siblings- they look so much alike! What kennel did you get Maggie Mae from?

    Your Sister in Christ,

    1. Grace,
      That's so neat! :) How many dogs/puppies do you have?
      We actually got her from a breeder not far from here. We were going to try and adopt a puppy, but none of the breeds seemed to fit our family. So that's why we went with a breeder instead.

      Oh! a question for you, have you had any biting problems with any of your puppies? Maggie has a great fondness for biting me, and not her toys. Have you had this problem, and what did you do about it? :)

  2. Awww! She's so cute! I esp. like the last picture :)

    And Happy Birthday Emily!!


  3. Maggie is SO cute!!! I love those pictures of her :-)

  4. Yes, I am in love with her!! ;) She is sooo cute!